Loli Chan | Reference Sheet

Loli is a cute introverted NEET that loves MMO and RPG games. Loli may look young but she is actually 25 years old (similar age to Meme-chan), this makes her name quite misleading. Loli was made fun of in high school for her small child like size, hence her retreat to the NEET life where she can be whoever she wants without judgement. (she mostly plays as a busty woman online)

But don’t worry about Loli, she has plenty of important friends in her life. Including her roommate Hanabi who enjoys looking after her. Hanabi occasionally drags Loli away from her computer for a day out in Harajuku, where she gets to dress her up in various Lolita style outfits. Hanabi is very important to Loli because she reminds her that the real world isn’t that bad, she may not show it but Loli secretly looks forward to their outings (especially because Loli gets to eat her favourite sweet, crepes).

Loli’s messy hair, lazy eyes and oversized clothes are a key part of her design. Her pastel style outfits are some of Hanabi’s 'hand me downs’. She doesn’t dress herself, so Hanabi has reign over what she wears. But during her day's gaming, She chooses to wear large comfy jumpers and thigh-high socks (hates wearing pants).

Try not to mention her flat chest or she will get super grumpy, and there's nothing worse than a grumpy Loli! 
We love seeing Fan Art of our Characters! Feel free to draw Loli in your own way! Fan Art sales in small quantities at Artist Alley etc are permitted. :) However please contact us if you'd like to create something on a larger scale. (We started in Artist Alley so we love supporting fellow Artists)