Meme-chan | Reference Sheets

Meme-chan! She started as our Original Mascot and has grown to be our flagship Girl!

Meme chan is a fun, outgoing octopus loving waifu. And has a love for all things Ecchi, she loves to collect lewd products such as oppai mouse pads, Doujinshis and Dakimakura pillows. You would often see her lurking around Akiba with shopping bags full of 'god knows what’. Her room would definitely be a interesting sight to see.
A big part of her personality is being open about things others would rather not talk about. Meme chan gets quite a kick out of surprising people with her dirty mind. She tends to get bored quite easily and will try her best to shake things up with her ecchi humour, in an attempt to lighten the situation and make people laugh.
Meme chan’s pet Octo-poop (she is terrible at naming) is a key part to her identity. She would never leave the house with out him. The little squishy octopus has quite the opposite personally to Meme chan. He is lazy, would rather sleep in his tank and still doesn’t understand why Meme chan loves his tentacles so much. Octo-poop’s lazy attitude tends to have a calming effect to Meme chan’s fireryness due to her caring nature towards him. 

We love seeing Fan Art of our Characters! Feel free to draw Meme-chan in your own way! Fan Art sales in small quantities at Artist Alley etc are permitted. :) However please contact us if you'd like to create something on a larger scale. (We started in Artist Alley so we love supporting fellow Artists)