Mochi Neko | Reference Sheet

Life is better with a cat girl.

Mochi is a fun loving and playful Cat girl, who loves to play any and all types of rhythm games. you can catch her in Akiba’s Arcades playing her favourite games DDR and Taiko No Tatsujin (she loves to franticly hit those drums). She also has a love for upbeat music such as K-pop and J-pop, and enjoys learning dances from her favourite songs.

Mochi loves to spend time with her girlfriend Sumi by taking her to their favourite cafes and shops, They enjoy sharing parfaits and cake together. The little gold ring in her ear was a gift from Sumi and is one of Mochi’s key features. Meme chan and Mochi are good friends due to their similar energetic personalities, this also sparks a fun rivalry between the two which can cause them to become quite competitive.(especially when playing in the arcade) 

It goes without saying that Mochi being a cat girl has many cat like personality traits. One of which is the need to chase and catch shiny things, (Meme chan definitely takes advantage of this). Mochi’s personality is that of a young playful kitten rather than Sumi who you will find is a calmer type.

We love seeing Fan Art of our Characters! Feel free to draw Mochi in your own way! Fan Art sales in small quantities at Artist Alley etc are permitted. :) However please contact us if you'd like to create something on a larger scale. (We started in Artist Alley so we love supporting fellow Artists)