Join our design Team.

Have you got some mad design skills? Love drawing and creating geeky things? Then we want you to help us create new designs! 

Our Art team consists of Artists from all over the World. You don't need to be the best Anime Artist in the world, just someone who can be creative and create brilliant things from scratch. (No, vectoring someone else's work does not make it your "Art")  

We encourage our team to create what they are passionate about. Rather than commissioning creatives to be locked into creating someone else's idea, we prefer to find people who have aligned interests with our company and then let them craft designs around what they feel most passionate about at the time. 

We are looking to grow our team of Artists, so if you're passionate about creating any of the following, or just think you'd be a good fit shoot us your details below. 

What we love:

  • Kawaii OC Characters
  • Anime & Manga Designs
  • DnD, Tabletop & RolePlay Themed Designs
  • Itasha / Livery Works 
  • Video Game Inspired Designs
  • Pretty much anything Geeky, Japanese, Kawaii etc